Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun

As I'm sure you're aware, Easter was this past weekend. I LOVE Easter! While we were decorating cupcakes, I tried teaching Grace what Easter was all about. I told her about how Jesus came to earth as a baby and that He died on a cross for our sins. Three days later, He rose and that's what we celebrate. If we believe in Jesus, that He died in our place, and ask Him into our hearts, we get to go to heaven- where Jesus lives! She was very excited about that, and remembers that "Desus is God's SON!"
We traveled to Nana & Papa's house for the weekend. Grace was hamming it up in the car, as you can tell from the pictures below. Her car seat is now forward facing, so she gets to see SOOOO much more, and she loves it! We now get a running commentary on what's going on outside the car.
She proceeded to fall asleep with her snack. Notice her hand is still in the bag of Goldfish, she's clutching her water bottle...and see her little toesies? So sweet!
At Nana and Papa's, Grace got to help her favorite grandparents make caramel rolls and dye eggs. Think she had fun?
I got to take some super cute pictures of Aiden when he woke up. I LOVE his gorgeous blue eyes. We also got to take some family pictures, including a four-generation one with my Grandpa Nerland.
I love these men. How sweet is this picture?
Grace thoroughly enjoyed hunting for eggs. She named the color of each egg as she picked it up.
We had a wonderful weekend, filled with fun, amazingly yummy food, and family time. Thanks, Mom & Dad! We love you lots!

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