Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Sounds of Silence

The windows are open, the house is quiet- save for the chirping of birds- and it smells like a pizzeria in here because of the bread Grace and I baked this morning. Sesame Street was over, the TV was off, Aiden was napping, and I said, "Gracie, what would you like to do?" She looked me in the eye and said, "Make bed wif Mommy!" How can you resist that?

We got out all the ingredients, and not surprisingly, she knew what everything was, including yeast. Our daughter is insanely smart!
We were dumping all of the ingredients into the bowl and she picked up the teaspoon, stuck it in the batter, and then put it up to her ear like a phone and said, "Hi, Papa!" She loves her Nana and Papa so much. It's the sweetest thing to see. It makes me tear up every time she talks about them!

After lunch, I put Aiden in his jumper and Grace was reading books while I cleaned up the kitchen.
The way Grace adores Aiden warms my heart. If you know her at all, you know that "Nunnles" (Snuggles, the blankie) is kinda like her second skin. For her to let anyone else use it is huge. Well, this is what she did today...

This past weekend, we discovered that Aiden is extremely sensitive to soy. I've cut it completely out of my diet and we've seen a HUGE improvement in his demeanor. He's content and happy. He was thoroughly enjoying his time in the jumper today.

After lunch was cleaned up, Grace decided to read to her baby. And put Mommy's chapstick on. And drink Mommy's water. I thought it was pretty adorable, but judge for yourself.

Some days are really tough, but I am so incredibly blessed to be able to stay home with these two precious kiddos and witness first-hand their awesome personalities.

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