Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grace's Birthday

Grace's second birthday was on Friday. Joe and I got to bond in a very special way in preparation for it...putting together a kids' toy. Only 3 1/2 hours later, we got this...

She loves to cook just like Mommy, and she has fun having ME help HER, instead of the other way around. She pretends to turn on the water and then dump it into a pot, just like we do when she's helping me bake. Goes a little something like this:
"Dump one..."
"Dump two..."

She also helped me decorate cupcakes for her birthday party.
We took her out for a special birthday supper. She got a cheese quesadilla and rice...and about a million chips. She kept wanting to dip her chips and made the funniest face when she tasted the salsa. She ran her tongue over her teeth a bunch of times and scrunched up her nose. But yet, she proceeded to try it... again, and again, and again! Just goes to show you how determined she is!
And, just to make myself cry some more that my little girl is two...
She peacefully looked at us, and found her Daddy when she was just minutes old. She has filled our home with joy and laughter. Thank you for teaching us what child-like faith is, for always wanting to "pray to baby Dee-sus," for being an amazing big sister and for making us stop and take in the precious moments that will live in our memories forever. We love you so much, Gracie-pie! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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